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Download our apps, Preschool on the GoTM or Kids Local ExplorerTM, on App Store or Google Play, select interactive Ebooks/Games/Videos or Curriculum, or scan our QR Codes for more interactive & educational content!

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For kids up to 8 years old, the most effective way to learn is through their surroundings. Children are naturally curious about their surroundings from early infancy. They mostly explore their environment while playing. Unlike most traditional flashcards, all the KnowleMedia flashcards feature high-quality photos relevant to kids' lives, including home, school, animals, food, holidays, and more.

We also have matching Android/IOS apps/games for audio pronunciations or self-learning.

We have both English versions and Chinese/English versions available!

You can also download our mobile app, Kids Local Explorer, select interactive Ebooks/Games/Videos or Curriculum, or scan our QR codes for more interactive & educational content!

KnowleMedia's Kids Local Explorer flash cards/mobile apps/videos/ebooks are designed to help kids to be good observers and enhance their natural curiosity.

More interactive Flashcards/Ebooks/Videos/Games/Toys will be coming!

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