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Whether you are the owner or an executive of a local school or a studio (academic-based or hobby-based), marketing or education program director of a kids related business (zoos, museums, parks, tourist attractions, etc.), a book/magazine publisher, or the owner or executive of a local business (restaurants, retailers, etc.) looking to explore new ways to promote your business and engage with kids and parents, our 30-day no-obligation free trial program offers you an opportunity to test the power of Media 's Turnkey Solutions to Kids’ interactive mobile educational programs anytime, anywhere, online & offline.

The trial will make you familiar with all aspects of our Turnkey Solutions including interactive content creation, dynamic QR codes creation and hosting, mobile app development, curriculum development, and publishing the content at real time or at scheduled times. You can experience the benefits of Media’s easy-to-setup interactive mobile educational programs.

Regular Pricing:

Cross-Platform Text-Synchronized Audio Books
$2 per word for Text-Synchronized Audio book
$25 per page for traditional Audio Book without Text-Synchronization
Cross-Platform Audio Flashcards
$20 per flashcard
Interactive Paper Flashcards/Picture Books
Price varies with the print quantity & paper selection
Cross-Platform Casual Games
Minimum $400 per game using our existing templates
Totally new custom game starts at $2500, developer cost is $45 per hour
Quizzes and Curriculum
$35/hr if using our writers or teachers
Dynamic QR Code Creation and Management
One Free QR code for each Audio book, Game or Curriculum we made for you
One Free QR code for each set of Audio Flashcards (minimum 20 cards) we made for you
$10 per month for the first QR code for your business promotions (may increase if download exceeds certain bandwidth)
$5 per month for each additional QR code (may increase if download exceeds certain bandwidth)
Mobile App Development
For stand-alone mobile app using our standard templates, minimum cost for IOS version is $25000, for Android version is $20000
For additional features or custom mobile apps, developer cost is $45/hr
It’s most cost effective just to set up Ebook channels on our app, Kids Local Explorer
Interactive Content Licensing
To be determined
Ebook Content Hosting and Publishing
One time $25 setup fee, plus monthly hosting fee of $10, if publishing to our Knowle mobile app, Kids Local Explorer
One time $50 setup fee, plus monthly hosting fee of $15 if publishing to your own standalone mobile apps. The monthly fee can vary depending on the download bandwidth
Real Time Content/Curriculum Publishing
Varies with work load, $30 per hour

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