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Kids Education for Local Businesses (Zoos, Museums, Parks, Aquariums, etc.)

Many local businesses have special learning programs for children. However, they are not effective because they are based on signing up for on-site visits. In reality, parents will only bring their children to local businesses spontaneously and perhaps several times a year. This means there is only a small window of interaction between the local businesses and children.

KnowleMedia can change this. Our platform will keep kids engaged at all times, and will maximize the efficiency of the education program of local businesses, as well as increase their reputations and revenues.

First, we can help local businesses make engaging and interactive content for children, which the kids really enjoy playing or reading. The content for children should be interactive in the form of audio flashcards, audio stories, videos, quizzes and games.

The content will be shown on our website, our mobile apps, "Kids Local Explorer,” ”KnowleKids,” or “KnowleMedia” in which the business's website and mobile apps. We will also have links to the business's website for parents to sign up for on-site programs such as classes or camps. It's fairly easy to open an e-book channel on our mobile apps, “Kids Local Explorer,” “KnowleMedia,” or “KnowleKids” in which you can update your content anytime so that children at home can get the latest engaging content. Of course, we can also custom-make mobile apps or games for local businesses if desired, at minimal cost.

We have created a variety of interactive content, covering spelling, reading, math, science, and hobbies. The content can be licensed for curriculum in the form of print outs or online access.

We also design and host static or dynamic QR codes, so that you can deliver interactive content through QRcodes on posters, maps, or other printed materials.

By using the KnowleMedia platform, local businesses will maximize the outreach of all their educational programs, keep kids and parents engaged at all times, not just limited to their on-site visits. This will not only better serve the children and the community, it will also bring much more revenue to the local businesses.

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